Monday, April 1, 2013


Underwear underneath, as a powerful symbol that even though it's your wedding night, she's off limits to you.

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  1. Often when I helped my wife dress this way before her bedroom dates with another man, she let me lick her through her satin panties.
    "Thank you sweetheart", she said to me. "I love it that you get me wet and hot just before my new lover comes to take me out. Do you do that so I will be horny and fondle his cock on the way to his apartment? Say yes, baby. I know how much you really do want me to give him orgasms."
    She's right of course. I know this by how she is dressed for him and how wet her vagina is, even now, for his bigger boners. I was too easy to femdom. I pleaded to be her sex slave and she let me be.
    We bathed in each others sensuality, giving and getting sexual pleasure and exploring where our delites really were lurking. By jacking me off while asking me probing sexual prefernce questions, she milked my orgasms. I remember her forcing me to gargle out confessions. To agree with her embarrassing suggestions of what I liked to do to men in bed.
    I was driven to find a way to return the feelings she gave me. Feelings of floating on a cloud, kinky fantasies and gushing orgasms. Femdomed by her to wear lipstick and gloves when I gave her boyfriends long slow blowjobs. It was win-win-win for her other men, for her and probably the most win for me. The erotic combinations of watching my loving wife suck cocks and fuck other men just gave me untouched premature ejaculations. I just burst into my panties when I watched her give men gushing orgasms. I may have fainted when hers were cascading from her pumping vagina. Her wet, red lips pulled back over bright teeth, her moans growing out of control, her pussy pounding up and down over his fat shaft over and over and over until her climaxes all ran together bumping over each other. Not only seeing the look on her face as she surrendered her pussy lips to him, but how she looked at me now.
    "I cheated on you when we dated, I cheated on you when we were engaged. Now at long last I am really your "cheating" wife. You see how hot and turned on I am when I'm fucking bigger men, baby. I won't stop stop pushing my wet pussy down over boners like that. I don't ever want to miss a chance with a man that hot, my sissy. I can see that my little talk is giving you a boner too, so I will let you French kiss my vagina clean each time I fuck another man, OK baby?"
    She was a very generous lover, always.