Friday, April 12, 2013

What did it look like when Evan slipped inside her?

I imagine something much like this!


  1. hot and sexy and i wish that was my bio pussy being stretched like that

  2. Dear Sara,

    I'd say your imagination is very good. I can tell you that when a man is fucking your wife, and she is hot and wet because he is filling her more than she's been in a long time, it looks like this. The first time I was permitted to watch a man have my wife, I was mesmerized as I watched him slide in and out of her, stretching her pussy, and more than that, but the sounds she made as he penetrated her, and then withdrew, were like no sounds I'd ever heard from her. I hope one day that you and Emily will agree to let Evan visit your home, and that you will be allowed in the room when he has her, so that you can see this first hand.

    Kiss kiss,


  3. Just seeing fills me with do many powerful suggestions