Thursday, May 2, 2013


Gwen's Playroom:
"You may not adore it right now, sweetheart, but you will.
Your craving for such diaphanous, sheer delights shall grow.
Your tastes for ruffles and ribbons shall pique.  
Your giggles and titters when touching such things will be uncontrollable.
And when you see yourself in such mirrors, having such finery draped around your frame, you will melt into such a yummy little puddle of pleasure, why, you will never look back.
So let us being that journey here and now as you focus on my words and let the warmth that comes from them wash down over you … take a gentle breath in … and focus on my words … and exhale … 
Very good … "

1 comment:

  1. So pretty and so similar to the first peingnoir I ever wore, the one I "borrowed " from my mother's closet, I tried so hard not let my little sissy clit leak cum all over it. I wonder if she ever knew , what would have happened if I got caught?