Thursday, May 9, 2013


Watching her get dressed, you can't help but think how lucky you are to be married to such a beautiful woman.


  1. I feel this way about my goddess ever day

    1. I am your effeminate brother on this, Eric. I do too. She called them her bedroom dates. "It is just for the thrills of sex with a bigger man. My orgasms are so much better than with your weenie, baby. But you know absolutely that I love you don't you?"

      "I do know that my femdoming, kinky hotwife. I do feel loved... I adore you, Precious. I would not trade places with any man. You are more beautiful and lascivious than I ever fantasized. I want to always be your wing husband; to keep you safe when you date new men and to buy you the gloves and lipstick you control me with."

      Lola let me watch. Not always, but often. She understood cementing a reality was to see it with my own eyes. Her femdom sorcery used my own orgasms to feminize me and to help her dress for her bedroom dates. On these nights, especially with a new man coming to our house for drinks and sex with her, she let me put on my favorite cock slut high heels and lingerie. She learned easily what made me wriggle helplessly in her palms by jackings me off with her gloves.

      "Tell me about the first time you kissed a woman's pussy, baby" I was unbuttoned and unzipped, looking down in wonder at her slinky satin fingers rubbing the lips of my swollen mushroom. I told her about a girl in high school that sat on my face for hours at a time, and often. "Mmmmnh, I'll bet that felt good, didn't it?" She was beginning to roll me over to slide her thumb deeply into my ass with vasoline. "Now I want to know how long you have been giving men blowjobs, baby. Tell me all about them. Do you you wear lipstick and stockings when you suck them off, baby?"

      She was no longer stroking my cock in her black gloves. Her fingers were still pushed way up into my ass, but she held them still. I felt a tide of emotions while she teased me like this. "yes", I said meekly, wondering if I was going to out myself to my wife or cover up. That moment was the last time I was naieve enough to think I could decide that. Now she stroked my best sex nerves with her words and her promises. "Do you have lingerie here at home? Will you answer the door for my dates in your most sinful wet red lipstick? Are you going to let me watch you suck some of my bedroom dates?" She learned from my face and my intense squirming where to go with this. That these things resulted in me wanting her to have lovers. She gave me premature ejaculations on nights when I was kneeling between these men's thighs, sucking the chrome of his engorged boner.

      First I was forced to watch his bigger cock push open her pussy lips and plunge into her for an hour before she gave up and screamed in sexual pleasure. I was not allowed to touch myself and she only looked at me sternly, seductively. "Do you want to watch me give him orgasms now, baby? I'll jack him off with your favorite gloves, wouldn't you love to see me stroking his boner until I make him cum??" I felt those feelings in my bottom that was going to give me a precious premature ejaculation, utterly femdomed to her sexual desires, her very naughty sexual desires.

      Now over two decades into my life changing role of bi-sexual, cross dressing cuckold I want to live like this forever.

      sex and gloves