Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Brought to the edge, again and again, but never over, never, ever, over.


  1. But that is exactly what keeps us honest, right?

  2. In loving and affectionate ways like these, my Lola would reward me for adoring her. She invited a man who was fantastic in bed to come over and have me. She spent the afternoon and evening over seeing my feminization. She forced me to shave everything below my hair line. I of course shaved my balls and pubes, my bottom smooth as silk right to my hole. This time I had to shave my legs, my arms and chest/stomach area too. Shaving myself in the hot oiled bathes listening to Lola tell me the ways she wanted me to give him orgasms tonight. It was going to be humiliating for me to greet him at our door in stiletto boots and long, long black leather gloves. She reached into the lubricating suds and started jacking me off as I shaved my balls and between the cheeks of my ass.

    "A man wants to put his erections into smooth, slippery and clean holes, baby. I want you to offer yourself to him when you open our door and invite him in. Touch his pants with your gloves, unzip him with your lips, put lipstick on his growing boner. Then you may close the front door. Bring him up to sit with me, because I get him first. You get sloppy seconds that you will milk from his spent cock until he at last fills your mouth with his second orgasm. Do everything I will be describing in succulent detail today, while I am emasculating you for gay sex with him tonight. OK, baby?"

    It was automatic for her to have what she wanted of me. I have been femdomed by sexually aggressive women since I was five years old. First by my aunty until I was out of school, then years later, by my "adulterous" wife of 23 years.

    "You only have to ask me if you are too humiliated by doing this with Rick tonight, you know. Do you want to have me to yourself tonight and not watch other men push open my pussy lips with bigger, harder boners, baby? Do you want to have me all to yourself and not have to give him a blowjob tonight? I know, baby. I did not even think you wanted that."

    She continued to stroke my cock in the warm suds and explain the ways I was going to let him use me for sex tonight. "I did promise him that he would be butt fucking you as many times and for as long as he wanted. He knows you will wear bras and stockings and suck him off whenever he will let you. I told him you were turned on by sucking men and did it as many times as I would let you. It's true, isn't it?"

    It was true, to say the least.