Friday, May 24, 2013

Hooters Girl

Some guys flirt with them and hope to fuck them. Me, I know that's never going to happen, so I just hope I'm lucky enough to lick her clean.


  1. I just love Hooter's girls

  2. She would never fuck me, but I to would lick her clean

  3. Sara,

    I am beginning to think you have a serious desire to be a Hooter's Girl. You blog about them all of the time. Hmmm?



  4. I have the shorts, top and pantyhose that Hooter's girls wear and my wife make me wear it when we go shopping.

    I did wear the Hooter's outfit once when I went to Hooter's on Halloween. The girls there gave me a lot of attention. They loved me in the outfit.

  5. Although I am proud to be a cock sucker. I would be honored to lick here for any reason.

    Alice, the cock sucking sissy.

  6. i love dressing in a full blown hooters outfit and going into hooters while i wear it under my suit
    I always wear the pantyhose the white socks orange shorts and and tank top . I wish a hooters girl would spank me in
    my sissy hooters uniform

  7. My husband has always been in love with hooters . About a year ago I caught him Jerking himself while he was wearing my bra and panties. I have since taken control of him and his little inner sissy . I often invite one of my friends over Who is a real hooters waitress. When she arrives my husband is ready to serve in his full hooters girl outfit . My friend spanks him in his little orange shorts. He Is a total sissy now . ! and He is often forced into a hooters girl outfit for our amusement !