Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Bull: She's got a fine pussy!

Wife: It feels so good to have a cock inside me!

Sissy: I want to lick them so badly!


  1. Yes I most certainly do want to lick them. Just not sure who I want to lick first!

    Alice the cock sucking sissy

  2. I would start by kissing my gorgeous hot wife, and telling her how much she deserves to have this cock inside her. Then I would slowly kiss my way down her body, gently kissing each of her gorgeous breast. Working down past her navel I would skip to both of her perfect feet and suck and kiss her toes until I could tell she was getting close to orgasm from his perfect cock. At that time, Im sure she would demand that I lick her clit while he was inside of her. I would grab his balls in the cup of my hand and lick from his shaft to her clit in slow long passes until they both came. Then I would clean them both up as they lay there in sexual bliss after they have finished.

  3. This post was very good, really describes the thoughts that go through everyone's minds in a cuckolding situation. Good shot for post of the week.