Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's wrong with this picture?


  1. I think her sissy clit should be locked up, instead of her playing with it. She should be focusing completely on sucking that hard cock and pleasuring him :)

  2. NO!!!!!! Don't lock the poor girl up, let her have some relief. I think what's wrong with that picture is, I should be sitting on the floor, with my head lying back on the mattress and her cock should be going in an out of my mouth, as I suck her to her "happy ending".

    Doesn't a sissy deserve a subbie once in a while???


  3. He should be inside her man pussy.

  4. In my marraige, this kinky picture shows my hot ex's way of appreciating me for being her adoring bi-sexual, cross dressing cuckold. She loved me and knew dozens of ways of showing me with kinky releases like this. Often she let me suck her lover's boners, but even if not that lucky, I was always dressed in my best blowjob lingerie. "Just in case." she said.

    I had proved so easy to femdom for her that she never needed the whip. I only wanted to do anything that would give her orgasms, because I adored her, my misstress of sexual desire. Even on our first date, she rubbed my cock in her gloves and easily stroked up my most embarrassing sexual masturbation fantasies. I could deny her nothing. She suggested I start making up nasty sex scenes so she would keep jacking me off. I felt like I was floating, or falling. I told her I wanted to wear high heels and cock sucking lingerie. I wanted to dress like this and watch other men's bigger cocks push open her pussy lips for hours. We playe dwith this theme for 23 years.


  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. It's _perfect_.