Monday, May 27, 2013

You know what she has for you, right?


  1. Please let it be hot, creamy, sloppy seconds . . .

  2. Sure she does and it's all good

  3. How have I been so fortunate? My precious wife dresses like this. She is so promiscuous with bigger men, not one bit embarrassed or ashamed when I walked in on her fucking two guys together. The femdom hypnosis trigger implanted in me years ago by my adulteress wife was the first thing I saw. She was stroking both men with her slippery satin gloves, though doing either would have put me under as well.

    "Come over here to our sex nest, husband. Do you like coming home and finding me with bigger boners in both hands? I already know that you do... more than you should, husband, because it allows me to femdom you. "Come in, come here" she demanded of me. "Lay on your back so I can sit on your face. Yes, just like that you naughty eager boy. You like cleaning my pussy after I have sex, baby. It is always on your face when you give me cunnilingus orgasms, slurping the cum of that night's bedroom date from my vagina with deep wet French kisses."

    I was only turned on more when she let slip into my mouth her date's smooth, warm and spicy cum, then ride my face vigorously until she could use her orgasms to twist out every last drop of tonight's guy onto my face. I lay as if drugged under her spasming pussy, forgetting to breath, only knowing that she was femdoming me and that I wanted her to. I only wanted to be allowed to adore her. To be dressed in bra and stockings, high heels and gloves and be allowed to adore her. OK. To dress like this, give her lovers long slow blowjobs and be allowed to adore her.