Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A good sissy cuckold does exactly as ordered


  1. Most sissies would not even have to be ordered to do that. Some would even ask.......

  2. An excellent sissy cuckold knows what to do intuitively

  3. I feel as you both do, I think. My wife wanted Fmm threesomes and so did I.
    Our first threesome, about six months after we were married, set the bar so high. We had sex with Rick, her kinky high school boyfriend.
    Irene wore the trashy lingerie that turned on both her husband and her boyfriend that night. She left the lodge to get dressed for sex then came back into the party. For more than a month now, Irene had stroked my erections with oil and described the ways she was going to have him that weekend. She femdomed me so easily to be her sex slave for that debauched weekend.
    She walked up to him on the dance floor, glued her black lace panties to his zipper and writhed over him until he had a raging boner. She wore a leather corset with three garters for each seamed stocking. Her high heels were six inch stilettos, ankle straps and feathers. I watched our friends and their friends boggle at what Irene was doing to Rick while they "danced". Almost every night leading to her weekend with Rick, she femdomed me completely, dressed me in my own bras and lipstick, described for me how she would suck him off.