Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's painful at first, but it certainly is a good motivation to learn to control that sissy clit of yours


  1. Seeing this post, just makes me wish Miss Jessica would take it to the next level and lock me up and dress me like that. I would feel so pathetic and sexy at the same time. The longer she denies me through honor system chastity and the more she humiliates me, I am beginning to feel that a CB is what I truly deserve, the more I read about it and see it, it just makes since, Its what I deserve, I want that pic to be me.

  2. I wish my wife would do this to me. Any thoughts on how to make this happen. She is the dominant one in our sex like, but she doesn't seem to know that. I would love to be controlled this way.

    Alice, the cock sucking sissy.

    She doesn't know that I suck cock, but she knows that I love to lick things!