Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reader Questions

Prolific commenter Joe D, a/k/a Footsniffer, asked two questions: 1) Do I read the comments people post and 2) Do I have a foot fetish?

As to the first, yes, I read every comment. I don't always reply, but rest assured, I read, and love, every comment.

As to the I have a foot fetish...Joe D, are you fucking kidding me? I have a huge foot fetish, I mean, fucking huge! Why, last night, Emily and I were sitting on the couch watching television and she reclined on one end, put her foot up towards my face, and my little sissy clit stiffened in my chastity cage so much it hurt! She didn't say anything, she didn't do anything, just seeing her naked foot by my eyes, her carefully painted toes, drove me wild.

That's to say nothing of when she saw my sideways glances, when she smiled, and asked, what, does this bother you. 


  1. Sara,
    The Feelings you described that you felt when you had a beautiful foot in your face are those of a true foot lover.

  2. The foot fetish question almost seems misinformed. How can one read your blog and not know that you do?

  3. Sara,

    Thanks for your reply I appreciate it. I think I might have to defend myself a little on the foot fetish question. I asked because I was pretty sure you did, BUT on your blog you never really mentioned ever doing anything with feet. You blog alot about other people and foot fetishes, but you never really said YOU did anything.

    Also and this was the one that really got me, I've read most of your books and short stories, and I can only remember one foot fetisch scene. That's what got me wondering? Did you write that scene because you thought your fans would enjoy it (which I did), or did you write it because YOU have a foot fetish (which I hoped).

    I love your blog, I love your books and stories, I love the way your mind works, so I was just looking for a little more insight into the sissy who rocks my world! Thanks for this posting!