Thursday, June 6, 2013

The only thing missing is one last frame where he licks up the mess he made

Source | Feet Please!


  1. To me, that is a serious oversight.

  2. As I mentioned in my reply to LeeAnne, this is a major oversight, I would not dare forget to clean the mess I made of my beautiful Queens body, especially after she elected to pleasure me with her adorable feet, which is more than just being pleasured. This post shows a woman who is not only pleasuring her man, but a woman who knows just how much her man loves being aroused by her feet, to a point that she even allows him to stand above her while she foot strokes him to orgasm.
    Great Post, Front runner for week 4 post of the week. I have a weakness for female feet, especially when the woman realizes the power her feet have over me. I would love to see more feet related posts.

    1. Love stockinged feet, and legs. Viewing and wearing. However, I feel this may be a waste of good seed. I much prefer that it is planted deep inside of me. This would be to the pleasure of both of us.