Saturday, July 27, 2013


When a real men says he hopes to get lucky with her at the end of a night, lucky means one thing, his cock in her pussy.

This, though, more sums up what a sissy like me means when he says he hopes to get lucky:

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  1. Son Of A Bitch, that's HOT!!! Just the thought of lying there at the end of the day, sniffing, smelling, kissing, licking and sucking those sexy feet is unreal.

    Oh to be so lucky???

    There are so few places I can be totally happy & open, and this is one of my top spots.

    I love the way she's looking "down" at him, with a slight touch of contempt in her eyes. It says, she loves him, but he's not her "man"; he's her toy!

    Nice work, Sara!