Friday, July 26, 2013

I like to travel in the fall, I can wear cuter clothes


  1. Oh Boy, would I love to bump into you dressed like this! I'd take you back to your hotel, lick from the tip of your shoes, right up under that cute little skirt. I'd worship your pantyhose covered cock, and then I'd take it in my mouth until you blew a hot, sticky, mess right through your nylons. Just like Campbell's soup.....Hmm, Hmm, GOOD!


  2. That could not ever be you, Sara dear. The reason? It's obvious. You have the most stylish taste in clothing and in dressing just right.As lovely as that skirt is, and likewise for those heels...... you would never wear those two colors in the same ensemble. They don't go...... and you know it.
    Plus, Emily would chastise you for your poor choice.