Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspiration for my next book

These pictures were my inspiration for the next book I'm working on, tentatively titled The Virgin Bride.

Meet Kristen McCarthy, the female protagonist, who the 'male' protagonist, Daniel Corey, falls head over heals in love with.

As for Daniel Corey? Well, he was inspired by the two pictures below, which might give you a hint that Daniel's masculinity is not long for this world.

By the way, I really shouldn't hint at what I'm working on, but I love these characters and love this story, so, dammit, I can't keep them bottled up inside me and this is one story that I'm not going to abandon, so fuck it :)


  1. Oh if only the second photo had a bulge in those satin pants????? That's a gurl for me!!!


  2. Still hoping for some writing regarding recent adventures with Emily :)