Friday, July 26, 2013


He's only halfway in yet the bride already realizes how vast the differences between sex with her new husband, who's waiting patiently downstairs in the bar, and sex with a real man.


  1. Certainly the husband is not the 'best man' for the job.

  2. My darling bride had sex with her high school boyfriend in front of me like this (bless you Saragirl). It melted my heart to see her sliding down over his boner that night, and the next day, ...and for the whole three day party actually. She had completely femdomed me over the years we dated and lived together, and the six months we were married up to this weekend of debauchery.

    While we dated, then again when we were living together and now, finally, as my adorable "cheating wife", Lola gave other men hand jobs and blowjobs to turn them on for hot sex with her. She went right for a man's Johnson if she wanted him. She would pull on her shoulder length black leather gloves at parties and sit next to guys. She held up her seamed stockings with a garter belt or corset under short skirts. She walked in high heeled boots like my goddess.

    I think Lola jacked me off in a bar on our first date. She squeezed my hands tightly between her thighs, just over the tops of her nylons. Her panties were soaked and she had a cat that ate the canary look on her sexy face.

    "Did you mean to reveal so much to me just now, baby?" I heard her say as in a dream. "I gave you a roofie when I took my gloves out of my purse. I slipped it into your mouth while we French kissed. I asked you to help me smooth my trampy gloves up over my arms. You got woozy as you caressed them so I unzipped your fly and put my hands into your pants to rub your cock until you climaxed and fainted."

    I listened to her beautiful voice, beginning to remember the things Lola had done to me. I was still roofed even now as I realized how she had dressed me up when I fainted. I had on lipstick and panties. Oh my god how good it felt to have my erection rubbing my satin panties like that. For a woman to force me to wear her bra and stockings, even her high heels and jack me off like that, I have no words. It was over on the first date. She femdomed me easily for every day of our 23 years together.

    "I found your lingerie drawer, baby. I sucked your cock and looked up into your eyes to see you beginning to cum. I looked for that moment as your climax rolled toward takeoff then squeezed you tightly at the base of your cock to stop you from gushing. Your needs were fiercely urgent. I know how to stroke a man's cock with oil to drive him mad with lust. I made you tell me your hottest, most secret, most humiliating to be discovered, sexual fantasies. You confessed everything to me while I stroked you. You blushed and stammered forcing yourself to be completely honest with me. It was very intimate and touching. You showed me where you kept your cock slut lingerie, high heels, gloves, lipstick. I dressed you with one hand cupping your balls, stroking your cock and making you tell me everything."

    "I already knew the answer when I asked you if you sucked cock. I thrilled to the look of kinky anguish on your face when I looked down at your bulging panties and asked you if you were a swallower." Ohhhhh, I am Mrs. I suck men's first cum then milk his fat boner to the last drop. Sometimes for another hour before he can force my hungry mouth off his shaft. I was gasping as she jacked me off at the very peak of my man sucking story.

    Looking at my panty boner and seeing how eager I was to do whatever she wanted, she started telling me about how hot sex was with her high school boyfriend and that she was going to keep having sex with him. I could be her adoring cuckold and she could have sex with bigger, younger men.

    Sex and Gloves

  3. I HOPE she is also learning that her hot, wet, nicely fucked, pussy, should ALWAYS be cleaned by her new hubby. She needs to train hubby, so he yerans for the tatse of her cum soaked pussy. From there it will be just a small step to get him to prep (suck) her lovers for her to fuck. She'll have the best little subbie-hubbie, she just needs to get him hooked on her cum filled pussy.

    You know what that's like don't you Sara???


    ps: I'll bet YOU even wnat to lick cum off her feet? I know I love that, cum covered toes are so tasty!