Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh, sweetie, does it make your little sissy clit swell in the chastity cage when you watch me get dressed to go out on a date?


  1. "Yes Precious, it does hurt so good. Are you going to touch his cock at the restaurant? mmmmnmnh, why does that make me feel so turned on.
    When I see you jack men off, I have had premature ejaculations. Gazing at your face as you feel him grow in your satin gloved palms. The gloves I buy you to wear on your bedroom dates. I love it... but there is a twisty kind of deep sexual pleasure to wait for you at home when you go out to have sex with bigger young men. That feeling when my chest constricts and I feel my heart pounding. Floating on a cloud, feeling delayed gratification bliss, knowing you were going to give your date a blowjob, then come home very late to tell me every bit.
    It is so generous of you, I adore you.

    Sex and gloves

  2. it does and so jealous of your sexy lingerie ...

  3. Yes it does. I may be a sissy and I just might enjoy, okay love sucking cock, but I still love seeing a beautiful naked woman. I may have a sissy clit, but it still gets excited, not that you could tell. I would worship her any day.

    Alice, the cock sucking sissy.