Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Future

"No, I'm sorry, Mr. Avery, I've read all the cards, looked deep into the crystal ball, it doesn't look like an orgasm is in your future. Mrs. Avery, on the other hand..."

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  1. Don't feel bad mr Avery, my future isn't any better than yours. N yet even knowing this, I find myself totally turned on by it. Or the fact that I can't get cock off my mind or the desire of finding an agency or escort service to work for. Presently have B cups n wanting a more CFM look for myself. Being TS and on hormones. I notice how much I desire to be chastised, in order of not having breaks in my learning. As for some stupid ass reason, I find so much enjoyment in learning it desiring to be a good girl for either Mistress or MtF Mistress. I've turned down some great jobs in reasons that I be home more n doctor wants me down to a size 6, which I haven't seen since high school. Presently an 8-10 now/ measurements are 38-30-40/ so u can only imagine a size 6 n he thinks a corset might be healthier for me than a work belt, as its lower.

    I'm so freakin addicted to Hypnos n wanting bigger boobs that it scares me at times n after rubbing my nipples n somehow blowing a load, which I gladly lick it all up. But I'm thinking I need more control over myself in terms of obeying another, as I know they only want what's best for me. My sissy self