Thursday, August 8, 2013

Careful what you wish for!!!

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  1. Yes because dreams come true. Many years ago he dreamt that he could be a cute little sissy gurl and get fucked by a real man, ten years later he is a sissy indeed, rather cute and getting fucked hard by a real man as his little clit bounces around useless and pathetic. Dreams so come true, great story of the self fulfilling prophecy. Inspiration to the boys out that who have not yet accepted they are a sissy, and still long to take a manly cock in their ass

  2. Sara,

    Don't be so harsh, his little clit could give me a lot of happiness. Sarina is very, very pretty and I wish I were there, sucking on her while he is fucking her tight little ass.

    See everybody wins!!!

  3. I wish I was her.
    she is so beautiful