Friday, August 23, 2013

Cultural Differences

He spoke fluent Japanese, his mother was born there, but Karl was still surprised he was hired right out of college to work at the company's U.S. headquarters where he would interact with visiting Japanese executives.

But he learned he wasn't hired for his business skills, he was specifically recruited for something else he possessed, his trim, almost feminine figure.

Karl, now Kari, wasn't going to visit any manufacturing facilities, he wasn't going to put together budges or sales forecasts, his job was took him to fine restaurants, to plays, the symphony, and the best hotels in town.

Kari was hired as a courtesan to serve as a companion for important clients and executives, those who wanted the pleasures of a woman while they were away from their homes, wives, and girlfriend, but a different kind of woman, one with something special between their legs.

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