Thursday, August 29, 2013

Emily has a strict rule, if I'm not locked in my cage, I'd better be tucked away, 'no bulges, sissy, no bulges."


  1. nice blog!

    i love it!

  2. I have the same rule. Nothing worse than an unsightly bulge.

  3. I think you mentioned that when you were a boy in ballet Sara dear, that you didn't want to have any bulge in your tights. I was the same way. I hated not looking smooth and perfect like all the girls in their leotards and tights...... I did my best back then to pull back my "thingy" so that I was always smooth. I guess the girls understood early on what kind of a sissy I was. As years went by, and I wound up at ballet camps and such where there were male dancers, it was very noticeable....... I saw the girls noticing the "real" guys....... even with their dance belts, they had a large mound...... ugh...... the girls seemed to love it....... then they saw me..........
    It's quite alright....I knew my future back then....... and certainly do now.

  4. Same problems with me - I always had problems wearing a tight skirt showing off my bulge whatever I did to improve