Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ending...and beginnings.

To him, the night had a happy ending, an orgasm, encouraged by a beautiful woman.

But to her, it was just a beginning, associating in his mind the erotic connection between her lingerie and his orgasms, for one was going to become more and more important to him, the other, a rare treat to be earned over time.

The first time, her stocking is over his excited penis, but that's just the first time, a prelude to his wearing them, wearing panties, a bra, a garter belt. Soon, he'll come to associate her lingerie with his pleasure, until he can't even get an erection unless he's dressed en femme.

And soon, he'll come to dread an orgasm, he'll dread it because with each one, the next one will be longer and longer away, until the chastity cage is as much a part of him as his penis is now.


  1. Sara,

    I have done this to myself many, many times! There is something really great about jerking off in a stocking or a pair of pantyhose. It feels much better than "bare handing" it.

    OK, I'll come clean on the whole story, I then put the nylon in my mouth and suck my cum out, dreaming that it's a lovely shemale's.

    I know, I'm just an oral, subbie, cum, whore!


  2. I really like that progression. Associating arousal with feminine clothing. How easy it is trap the male mind like this

  3. Many of my fand purchase my worn and unwashed nylon stockings...

    1. Holy...did Wanilianna just comment on my blog???? And about her worn and unwashed stockings?

      Cause if so, that just made me day!