Wednesday, August 28, 2013


When we first started dating, Emily learned almost immediately that she had to be careful as too much foreplay* led to my orgasm before she had a chance to feel me inside her. So she learned to really pay attention and stop way sooner than she was used to.

Now, though, when she feels me approaching the edge, instead of stopping, she gets more intense, with the goal of making me cum. "Remember," she'll say if I beg her to slow down or stop, "sissies don't belong inside pretty girls, only men do."**

*And by too much, I mean the amount of foreplay she was used to with a normal man.

**On rare occasions, I am allowed inside her. Rare, though, very rare.


  1. Does Jeff work for Emily's new company? What has happened to Evan?

  2. I love this... and its so true.

    "sissies don't belong inside pretty girls, only men do."


  3. OMG did anyone catch the gobs of cum being wasted:)

  4. Oh my, I can so relate to this *blush*