Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From sissy diane here is the __________ of the day:

Inspiration Maid of the day:

Bra of the day:

Tranny of the day:

Leg shot of the day:

Panties of the day:


  1. OMG I so have sissy desires n I so love the thought of the third picture n that raging cock in her sissy panties. OMG my clit was tingling n dancing. I'm so loosing myself in so many I so adore Pink n everything it does to me. OMG I so can't help but thankU n so like totally adore u n your thoughts. Such yummy n thirsty thoughts.

  2. Hi Sara. Read your "Couples' Submission" via kindle. Great book. But it demands a sequel, explaining what happens after that first weekend.... is the couple sent home with instructions? How do they process what happened to them after they "decompress"? How does it alter their relationship going forward?


  3. I so love all the pics as they each have special meanings for me. From kissing n fondling Mistresses shoes n feet to the bigger boobs I need n that cock in those cum soaked pink panties, how yummy a thought.

    I'm so loosing myself n it can't help but feel so right. ThankU for sharing n I love your outlook n life

  4. That Leg Shot of the Day is spectacular!!