Monday, August 12, 2013


She got home around eleven on Friday night, late but not too late. I was in bed, though not asleep, reading the August issue of Cosmo (42 new sex tips!), waiting for her. I was wearing a new pink satin babydoll I bought last week that she'd not seen, of course a bra holding my breastforms, and white lace top thigh high stockings. Obviously, I wasn't being subtle. (As an aside, thank goodness for the chastity cage, or else I would have been a naughty girl.)

I heard the garage door, butterflies started dancing in my stomach. Emily was in the bedroom doorway in less than a minute, stood there when she saw me, a sly grin on her face.

"What," I asked bitting my lip.

"The contrast, sweetie, but you know that, don't you?"

I looked down, at her legs, blushed, of course I knew.

"As you might expect, my new friend Jeff is very masculine, very type A, very alpha, and obviously very interested."

"He...he said that?"

"Sweetie, a man doesn't have to say that, you know that, men take what they want, they don't beg for it." That was a subtle reference, not very subtle, to my almost begging to be unlocked on Thursday.

"And...and what does he want," I asked.

She walked towards the bed, sat down next to me, touched the hem of my babydoll. "It's very pretty, Sara, you have such good taste. Jeff wants the same thing you want, me." My breathing quickened, my cage tightened, a reaction she anticipated, expected. "There's a difference, though..."

I swallowed, looked at her. "What...what's that?"

Emily smiled again, reached between my legs, gently touched the cage. "I can guarantee one of you doesn't get to for the next month, the other one...we'll just have to wait and see."


"Shhhh," she said, cutting off my words. "The only thing I want coming out of that mouth of your, my pretty, is that tongue licking me...because I've been wet all night...all night."


  1. Yea! Thank you so much for posting the followup. It's so frustrating when you tell about Emily's activities, but then we don't get any details about what happened. For instance, the Dallas adventures were soooo hot to read ... love the dialog and getting into both your heads. I'm still hoping that eventually we will hear about the details of what happened in Florida with Evan and how she is using it to further your relationship!