Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How long in chastity for this transgression?

I'd say three weeks:

1. Orgasm without permission - 1 week
2. Making a mess in her panties - 1 week
3. Failure to eat any discharge - 1 week


  1. What will she so to earn back some time??

  2. Now this photo is for ME!!! I am so glad this sweet cock wasn't caged. It excites me to know that there are cocks out there, like this for me to enjoy. Wrapped in panties, and ready to be put in my mouth. This one is really rewarding because it's wet and I get to lick it up. Thank you Sara!

    1. Hi Joe, my dripping clitty will always be ready for you if you want it!

  3. Well, accidents can happen, so I think three weeks is OK.
    But of course, three weeks on top of the mandatory two months.