Monday, August 19, 2013

Men come in all shapes and sizes, best for a sissy to learn to serve them all

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  1. Sara,

    I have to ask after seeing this photo, do you have a preference? I know I do!

    When it comes to TS ladies (or you sissies, if I ever get to meet one), I prefer a cock that is cut, shaved, on the smaller side, and of course fully functional.

    I'm cut so I know that is why I prefer that. I like ladies that are partially or fully shaved because the pubic hairs tickles my nose and soemtimes it makes me want to sneeze. That's not very sexy, when you're trying to sucka lady off. I really find I can perfom better if their cocks are more of a cockette because I don't choke on them. Again not real sexy, choking when someone's getting close to orgasm.

    Also if my lady lucks to face fuck me (which I really enjoy), I don't want to be gagging whiel she's pounding away!

    Finally, they have to be functional! What can I say I'm a little bit of a cum whore.

    So Sara and all you other sissies, what do you prefer?