Friday, August 16, 2013

The Way Things Should Be


  1. Why do they always have to be locked in these cages, can't we release them so I can have them?

    I am so horny, and I so wanted to suck a shecock!

  2. Sara:
    a few of these sissies have obviously gone through some serious corset training...... Has Emily mentioned corset training to you?


  3. This flower can't help but want to grow towards my destiny. I know finding a Mistress is truly a big step as is thinking I so need n desire to have sum1 else in control more n chastity, will keep this flower growing. Though I love my cummies, I went almost 3 weeks n yet I really enjoyed playing n licking my fingers/ had I had chastity, god knows where I'd be today in my thoughts of wanting n needing to pleasure more/ in doing so knowing my place below all Women n real Men