Friday, September 13, 2013


An alpha man would laugh in a woman's face if she suggested he start wearing a skirt and blouse and help with housework, but then an alpha male has options in the sexual market place.

But a beta male? He would never stand up to a pretty woman, no, a beta male will do as he's told, dress as he's told, do the housework he's commanded to do, but then a beta male has few options in the sexual market place. He'll do as he's ordered, that is if he ever wants to feel a woman's hands wrapped around his little penis ever again.

*I'm in the later category, of course, beta through and through. And my little penis, covered by panties, is swelling like crazy in my chastity cage as I typed those words.


  1. I really liked hearing your little thing swelling as you write.... that is so nice, saragirl

  2. Beautifully created post, love that description of the beta male of which I'm definitely one. My sissy-stick is tucked tightly in lacy nylon panties but yes, the torturous squirming is still the same.


  3. we know the benefits of being the beta male. Because we know, we should encourage all Superior Women to at least try to convert Their alpha males. An alpha can learn when properly motivated.

  4. Beautiful post. the best way for a husband beta.

  5. An alpha male would imagine bending her over the table and penetrating her forcefully. I imagine falling on my knees and kissing the lace hem of her slip.