Saturday, September 7, 2013


The men among my readers want to fuck her.

The crossdressers want to look like her.

The sissies want to look like her and get fucked by a man, too.

The cuckolds just want to watch.


  1. I think I fall under the sissy-crossdresser category (no man involved). Another excellent pic for sure.


  2. I think she is just beautiful. I do love how when I am wearing stockings the very tops seem to get some attention from sissy cross dressers, along with men of course.

  3. I guess that means I'm a Sissy. Would simply LOVE to look so gorgeous, and be penetrated by a big cock.....Mmmm. :-D

  4. I have to agree with Alana Tgirl

    But would like to add to the fact that I'm there to pleasure both Mistress n real men. That all Women are above me

  5. And the foot fetish subbies, want to suck her toes and then maybe her cock???


  6. I fall squarely on the sissy category!

  7. I fall under men, as i d love to put my cock in her sweet pussy whithout undressings her

    Under crossdresser as i d love to walk around on those heels and dress and feel the silky dress material sliping soflty on top of my nylon stockings.

    Under sissy, on those heels I d love to swing my hips and tease men, and then kneel down and take their gorgeous cocks in my mouth, while another one stretches my sweet pussy. of course I would keep my high heels on all the time as well as the stockings and the dress pulled up but not off. And anal? i don't know, what you think?

    Under cuckold, as I d love to have a beautiful feminine girl as my girlfriend, but I would adore her so much that it will be amazing to watch her being fucked by another man with a big cock. I kiss her shoes as she 's getting fucked, I pull up her dress for her lover to fuck her pussy, I hold her hair back so she can suck his cock, I hold her legs spread for her lover to go deeper inside her pussy, and of course I clean up both her and him, this is the only time when I am allowed to suck his cock, after he fucks my girlfriend. My favourite position is when my girlfriend places her pussy on my face and her lover fucks her so I get her pussy rubbed on my face and I get to lick both her pussy and the base of his cock and his balls, and when he fucks her hard to have his balls slapping my face and my girlfriend moaning and coming on my face. i love her and she tells me how lucky she is that I let her fuck with other men and enjoying all these different cocks. Only one time she got mean and after she came, she jerked her lover to cum on my face and then she asked him to pee on my cock. she laughed so much when she realised i got hard, i was so embarassed. She also peed on my cock and she was so beautiful doing this. when she realised my look of adoration despite her humiliating me, she laughed at me again and told me how much she loves me but she adores big cocks. she said that she will allow me to satisfy my little cock but not fucking her. she told me to go and lick her shoes that she put on the floor and said she will allow me to fuck a girl and she gave me a plastic doll to fuck. i was so embarassed but could not say no to her, she s so beautiful. so i fucked the doll and she told me to kiss it as well and caress its boobs and lick its nipples. with every new order she was bursting to laughter in the lap of her lover. then she told me to start calling the doll 'baby' and tell it how much i love her. i felt so ridicoulous and ashamed but i got some glimpses of my naked girlfriend being so beautiful in her lovers lap as he was fingering her pussy. so i cought myself saying to the doll; baby I will cum, as I was kissing her lips and feeling the plastic fake lips to remind me how ridicoulus i was, for the sake of my girlfriend and cumming hard with this thought. Then she told me that from now on, the doll is the only woman i will ever be allowed to fuck so i should take care of her. then she kissed me on my lips and she said ishe find it amazing how much she can humiliate me and I accept it! she said that humiliating me has been the biggest turn on in her life.