Monday, September 9, 2013

Chastity - It Does a Sissy Good

Why is chastity particularly important to a sissy?

Without question, males are driven by sex; their libido is a raging storm that destroys everything in its path. This is just as true for sissies as it is for the most masculine of men. The winds howl and howl until all the energy of the storm is released, only then is there calm, exhaustion.

Chastity is the harnessing of this power, taking those destructive winds and redirecting them, controlling them, so they do not indiscriminately destroy, but instead build.

To switch metaphors, a woman who uses chastity properly will find her partner changed from wild beast, to tamed pet, will find that by taking control, she can use a man's sexual desires for the common good of the relationship. Males will always desire for sexual release, a woman should control the timing and method of that release, for when she does, the male is hers.

Chastity teaches a man that his cock is happiest when controlled by a woman.

But chastity teaches something different to sissies. First, similar to a man, chastity teaches a sissy that the penis between his legs (regardless of size, sissies do not have, will never have, a cock) is happiest when under lock and key. But unlike a man, there is a second lesson chastity teaches a sissy—that for a sissy, sexual pleasure has nothing to do with the organ between a sissy's legs.

Nothing to do with a sissy's boy clit? But you thought I said a sissy has as strong a libido as a man, right?

Yes, exactly, a sissy wants to cum as much as any man, but chastity, done properly, teaches a sissy that sexual pleasure, for a sissy, has NOTHING to do with a sissy's boy clit. Nothing. Simply nothing.

Sissies must be taught to cum like a girl, must be taught that must NEVER cum like a man. Never. Sissies should never cum when they have an erection, should never cum when stroked by a woman, and, for goodness sakes, must NEVER cum inside a woman.

The sooner a sissy learns to divorce sexual pleasure from an erection, the sooner a sissy embraces true gender awareness, embraces femininity, learns to identify sexual release with feminine, not masculine.


  1. Excellent lesson on the finer points of sissy chastity Sara.

  2. This post was just beautiful, good job! <3

  3. Personally I don't buy into the whole chastity deal. Health issues of course are always raised as well. If it works for you Sara that's great, but there's several shades of sissies and this type doesn't include me.


  4. Chastity is good for a sissy. The newer chastity devices are much better than ten and twenty years ago. Beg your Mistress for a new device. Try it again. Even if you do not change your mind, your Mistress might just keep you locked up for Her pleasure. Hope you are one of the lucky sissy's.

  5. Hi Sara, Did you decide if you like the Holy Trainer?