Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"I have no idea what time he'll bring me home, sweetie, but I wouldn't wait up if I was you."


  1. That was a silly question..
    A Man finds a Lady dressed like that he knows that this is an overnight experience.
    Sissy should too.

  2. I find that the waiting up is a transcendent sexual experience. The clock on my bed table becomes a sex toy, by flaunting the late hour and the certainty that she is still out, to her being in bed with another man. As I lay here thinking of the ways I have watched her give men orgasms in our bed, my erection makes a tent in my black satin panties. I stroke and caress myself through these slutty panties with long, long black satin gloves, floating on a cloud of sexual pleasure waiting for my wife to come back home in the morning. She has begun recently to have weekend bedroom dates now too.

    I learned to love her weekend dates because I could run around the house dressed in my cock slut lingerie and high heels from Friday evening until almost dawn on the following Monday. Her rules were I only was given permission to wear women's under things when she was having sex with other men, or on a night when she was going to jack me off and tell me about how much better these men were in bed. I adored her pussy almost every night.

    We both loved for her to lay back and spread her thighs wide open for my deep French kisses. I could suck her off over and again many times before she cried enough. She lay with her open naked pussy before me and told me how much better her orgasms were with these bigger young men. I rubbed her unhooded clit with my lips, my nose, my cheeks and eyes. She spoke in musky whispers of unzipping a man's pants and taking his shaft out to fondle and suck. I sucked her like a small boner and licked her to wave upon wave of shuddering climaxes for hours. I was not focused on my cuming it seems. I am an empath so I felt her each throbbing orgasm with all of my sex nerves together. my boner grew more sensitive and hot without being very big. She called them my cute little chubbies when I was about to blow my seed.

    It was on play nights like these that she rewarded me for my devotion and being her sex slave by sitting on my face and reliving her favorite nights of debauched sex with her other men. I was very content with our sex life this way. My hot wife probed for the edges of my femdom compliance so sometimes went too far. She was much too free with her party night flirtations around our circle of friends. by now all knew that I was her cuckold and that I wore lingerie when she did have sex with men. I had grown content with that too when I could talk to more souls about how naughty she really was.

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