Monday, September 2, 2013

It happens all the time...

Not to men, it doesn't, men have stamina, men know how to last, men know how to put their cocks in women and fuck them and last until the woman's cum.

But sissies...god, sissies have NO stamina, none. Do you know how many sissies cum before a woman even touches them? Do you know how many sissies cum the second a woman even looks at their little sissy clit?

Do you know how many times sissies squirt their gurl cum all over a woman's legs, feet, thighs, before they even get near a woman's pussy?

And sissies wonder why women don't want to fuck them?


  1. Do you know how many times it happens to subbies?

    Do you know how many of my loads I've been "forced" to lick off a lady's feet?

    Do you know how many times I've been ordered to squirt them, just so Mistress could "make" me lick it up?

    Do you know how many times I was "told" to jerk off a Dom Tgirl, so she could spill her seed like this and then "demand" I lick it up?

    Finally, do you have any idea how much I love doing it?????


    ps: Sara this is one of the BEST photos you've ver published. Let me explain why it's so great, it has EVERY element that gets to me, except for the foot scent and until we great computer's with a smell app I can only fantasize abou that one.

    1.) Sexy Feet
    2.) High Heels
    3.) Stockings
    4.) Painted Toes
    5.) Toe ring
    6.) Anklet
    7.) Worm's eye view
    8.) Sticky load of cum on her high heels
    9.) Sticky load of cum on her stockings.
    10.) Sticky load, that soaked through to her bare toes and feet.

    Did I miss anything? GREAT JOB! I Love You!!!

  2. FYI, I forgot. I wish it were your feet and Emily was watching me lick them clean for you!