Monday, September 16, 2013

Not sure how to suck a woman's toes?

Hint: Just pretend they are ten little cocks and you'll know what to do.


  1. Dear Sara,

    I feel like this is a subject I MIGHT know a little something about? Sucking toes is a fine art, that you and I have in common but I think many of your followers may not appreciate it like we do.

    The photo shows a great starting point in the toe sucking process, a pair of beautiful feet encased in nylons and I’m sure they are fresh out of a pair of high heeled pumps. I can almost smell that sweet scent of woman, nylon, leather and heat. That’s where I good toe sucker starts, he (or she) has to enjoy, accept, embrace, and know his station in life. They need to fully understand that we MUST live at the feet of our Mistress.

    Next a good toe sucker knows, not to just dive in and put a toe in his mouth, it’s like cock sucking….you don’t just gobble it down, you work up to it so you get a positive reaction. My favorite thing to do is start by kissing and licking the heel, then licking all around and up to the ankle. Gently, sweetly, like I would with a cock, my lips and tongue wander around the back end of the foot.

    When I start to hear slight moans, or I notice a change in Mistress’ breathing, I move my lips and tongue to the ball of her foot, which coincidently positions my nose in the crevice between the ball of her foot and her toes. I let my warm breath flow over her foot, breathing out through my mouth and in (deeply) through my nose. Hopefully Mistress will understand I love the scent of her feet. Again it’s very important to listen for her sighs and her breathing.

    If she is sufficiently aroused, it’s now time to start working on her toes. I run my tongue between and every toe on both feet. I kiss between her toes while at the same time I’m massaging them. I now take her pinky toe in my mouth and suck on it, just like I would suck her cock. Kissing, licking, sucking, worshipping and adoring every single toe. I have to make Mistress understand I am her slave; I’ll do her bidding; and by only focusing on her feet I think she sees I’m her foot slut.

    Mistress now places one foot right on my face, jamming her big toe in my mouth, while she uses her other foot to toy with my cock, and keep me excited on my task at hand. If I’ve been doing a good job Mistress should now be closing in on her orgasm. I’ll know because when she gets close, she pushes all 5 of her toes in my mouth and I suck her whole foot. She keeps pushing more and more of her foot deeper and deeper into my mouth until she reaches her peak and she has her full blown orgasm…….

    Now Mistress looks down at her other foot and she sees I’ve cum all over it. She removes her foot from my cock, chuckles a little, pushes her cum soaked foot to my face and says, “C’mon toe sucker, clean up your mess!” I do as I’m told, and I know I am her toe sucker!

    Next I must move on and suck her cock, because I am also a cock sucker!


    ps: Sara what a GREAT photo!!!!!

    1. Listen up, I'm a man I don't suck woman's toes! Got dat! Joe Blou

  2. I'm sorry for you Anonymous because you don't know what you are missing. Maybe you should take a little time and stop and smell the roses, or better yet the toeses! Within the next 50 years, were probably all going to be dead, so shouldn't we try and enjoy everything from now until then?