Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh honey, you’re such pretty little sissy for me.  You like being pretty for me, don’t you baby.  All dressed in my panties, my stockings.  The way I controls you, making you wear lacy things because I can. Now let me lower myself onto your mouth so my pretty boy can make his Mistress cum again and again and again. That's such a good sissy, pleasing me even though you know you don't get to cum for months.

Modified Source | Good Boy for Mommy


  1. Can I play with that sissy? She's lovely

  2. Sara,

    I'm going to make believe this lady in the photo is you, and you're offering me that lovely cock of yours.

    I love to suck cock through stockings and these panties look like they could be fun. I'm dreaming of YOU lying on your back, with your cock standing straight up, and me kneeling between your legs and lowering my mouth to this beautiful cock.

    Would Emily enjoy watching her sissy getting serviced by a subbie?

    Are they other sissies in the group who are looking for a subbie to service them?

    I could be your guy, I love "she" cock and having my mouth full of it!


  3. Mmmmmmmmmmm that looks delicious.