Thursday, September 5, 2013


"So, just because you don't want to have sex with your sissy, doesn't mean he shouldn't ejaculate every few weeks to keep the plumbing healthy."

"Doesn't that defeat the purpose, though? I mean, doctor, aren't you just trading his begging for sex for begging for a blow job or hand job?"

"Well Hoda, first of all, you never put a sissy's boy clit in your mouth. Second, if you gave him the kind of hand job you would a real man, perhaps, but that's why you use the 'ruined orgasm technique' instead."

"Ruined orgasm technique?"

"Yes, Kathie Lee, the ruined orgasm technique, it's a way to make a sissy ejaculate without giving her an actual orgasm."

"So this ruined orgasm technique makes a sissy cum, but, if I understand, without orgasm."

"Exactly. When done correctly, you'll make her squirt, that's what we call what a sissy does, remember, only men cum, but she'll have none of the sexual pleasure a man experiences with orgasm. Quite the opposite, she'll be more frustrated than before, she'll want to orgasm even more. But of course, she can't, she's already squirted."

"And the chastity cage prevents her from pleasuring herself the rest of the time."

"Precisely, Hoda."

"This technique, how does it work?"

"You cup her balls with one hand, and stroke just below the head on his shaft with the other, and then swirl your thumb tip on the frenulum. And as the balls begin to move, as you sense her approaching orgasm, you let go of everything...and viola, a few seconds later, she squirts, cum leaks out, but she doesn't orgasm."

Inspiration from: en blanche, j'en veux

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  1. I love prostate milkings. Its totally frustrating for the sissy, but keeps things in working order.... I suggest maybe every 2 weeks or so....