Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Holiest of Holy


  1. Foot bottoms are all-controlling!

  2. OMG, this photo is unf'ing believeable!!! I pray every day that I would get a chance to see the soles of a lady's feet wrapped in black nylons like this.

    Look at the shape of this foot, it is hour glass shaped just like the body of a woman. I can almost smell how sexy this foot is. Sara, Thank You!!!

  3. I would so love to cleanse n lick any area, for which She desired or desires, as at this point it's all about Her n Her wishes, needs n desires. I'm just a sissy cumslut faggot princess puppet , who'd only desire is to pleasure

  4. Staci,

    As I read your comment, I went back and looked again at the photo, and you NAILED IT! The look on Mistresses face; that stern but sexy way her eyes are looking at us; the way she has her body posed with her foot in a prominent position; all of these thinks are saying, "sissy, you will do as I demand. you don't deserve more than my foot. you will show your respect, admiration, and servitude to me, by worshipping my feet."

    Now if only Mistress' slid her panties aside and there, hidden between her legs, was a rock hard cock for me to worship as well??? I guess I'm just a t-gurrl whore!