Sunday, October 27, 2013

Amazon - Grrrr

Apparently Amazon is cracking down on books with certain "taboo" subjects and pulling books that violate certain unspecified guidelines. From what I can figure out, erotica with incest are taboo, so anything has 'mother', 'father', 'daddy', etc. in the title has been pulled, even if the book contains no incest.

So, my book 'Mother-in-Law's Visit' got pulled.


But my book contains no incest. No sex between children and adults. And what's in my book takes place between consenting adults.

Well, indie authors cannot fight Amazon.

Hence "Mother-in-Law's Visit' is being reborn as 'Mrs. Stanton Takes Charge'.

So, I did not publish a new book, nothing to go buy, same book, different title, different cover.

Well, I'm glad Amazon got that straightened out.


  1. I think we can all agree that keeping incest off of their shelves is a good thing. But taking a heavy handed approach like Amazon has done is just as bad as NOT having any standards. I'm glad that you got around their silly enforcement!

  2. Nobody can beat a creative sissy, except her Mistress. Great title change.

  3. Way to go, great use of imaginative power, which sissies have plenty of!

  4. Could this be my uber domme. I thrill at the thought