Thursday, October 10, 2013

Attitude Adjustment


  1. Thanks Sara...I love these pictures of two beautiful mistresses enjoying their sissification expertise...all three look so hot...wish I was the one in the middle...please post more like these photos...or is there a link. I love and worship you Sara!

  2. Why am I so drawn to this n yet so love everything sissy. My life wasn't good at being transexual, I had to get hooked on sissys?

  3. That's like the time my wife thought I needed an attitude adjustment and made me dress in lingerie and she spanked me in front of a bunch of her friends. Then they all took turns spanking me.

    1. Sounds like a barrel load of fun to me!

  4. Being TS on HRT n I can't help but crave the idealization of obeying n serving as the slut or whore I'm becumming. The thought of it alone is almost unimagineable n yet arousing at the same thought