Monday, October 7, 2013

Now tell me the truth, Roberta, aren't you much happier as my maid than you ever were as my husband?


  1. Sara
    You KNOW that you want those breasts............ don't you?
    What if the next time Emily was away on business (hehe) you went out to the clinic, had the implants done, and surprised Emily...... hmmmmm. Would certainly make for an exciting homecoming.....


  2. I have those breasts now n so desire bigger. Estradiol n spiro for last few years n Premarin before that. I'd love to have a wife I can place on a pedestool n promote her as the woman for whom makes all the decisions n moves up the corporate ladder as she so deserves

  3. ish my mistress would help me look like her. I don't want big titties, just nice handfulls. And the white panties and garterbelt are beautiful with the black maids dress. I would love serving her guests at parties and drool over serving her family thanksgiving dinner lookin so nice. They come from much better background than me and told her I would not amount to much. WE live off her money and I want to show them they were right.