Monday, October 28, 2013

Reader Laura Velazquez sent me this picture of her sitting pretty


  1. Laura,

    WOW! Being a little leg and foot pervert, I'd love being under your desk all day. I could spend my time massaging your legs and feet, keeping you relaxed and comfortable. I know wearing heels like that must get painful at times, so you could just slide them off, look under the desk and say "Rub!" and I would take care of them for you.

    If you were feeling playful, you could say "Wash!" and I would lick all the sweat off of your feet and give you a nice tongue bath/massage.

    If that day you happend to be feeling Dominant, you could say "Worship!" and I would gentely kiss and suckle your toes, feet and legs.

    AND if you were REALLY feeling Dominant, you could raise your skirt, pull out your cock and say "Suck!" I'd take your soft, little, pink, dick in my mouth and suck it until it became a huge, purple, throbbing, cock. Maybe just as you are about to empty your love in my mouth, one of you co-workers would stroll by and you could show her what I was doing for you? Or you could "phone a friend" and tell them your little subbie is at it again, swallowing every sweet drop of your love!