Tuesday, October 1, 2013



  1. Oh gosh yes! I wanna be just like her!

  2. Omg here lately I'm finding not only do I want this but to be my girly girl good girl self as well as must be lowering my guard more about what other's might think about me in all who cares about them. I just need to be more controlled n so love the idea of being pimped or dress more feminine n whorish.

    Today I saw this girl in the cutest short shorts n pink to top it off n I almost cried

  3. OK so this photo begs the question…..Why do so many women hate sucking cock? It seems that most of my friend's wives stopped sucking cock at some point after they got married. You hear it all the time from female comic’s, and you see it in cartoons. The joke is once the ring goes on her finger; she’s given her last blow job. I don’t understand it???

    All you sissies love to suck cock, right? I myself, I love to suck she-cock. Give me a hot sexy T-gurl and I’m on my knees with my mouth open. So why do the ladies dislike it? Don’t all you sissies want to have a cock squirting in your mouth? I know I do!

    I always get a kick out of it, the ladies love when we go down on them, but they aren’t all that keen on going down on us. I keep my private parts very clean and always scrub them, if there is a chance some lady is going to put them in her mouth, so that isn’t the issue. Do they think it's too whorish? If so why isn't it the same with a guy going down on her?

    What do you gurls and sissies think it is? I'll bet this one of those questions that cavemen talked about, and it's probably written somewhere on a cave wall in France? C'mon gurls give us your thoughts.


  4. Of coarse I am, but I never miss a drop!

    Alice the cock sucking sissy.

  5. Whenever, wherever, and whoever my man tells me to! And I am not allowed to wipe any off that I do not swallow! Pure Heaven!

  6. Of course i would swap with her! ;) with my tongue out!

  7. Alice,Laurie Jean & Sexy,

    I'm with the 3 of you! If my lady told me to get on my knees; "my tonuge out, I never miss a dop, and I do not wipe off a drop that I do not swallow". Finally you are right it would be "Pure Heaven!"

    As I've said in the past I'm not a sissy but I am a subbie......give me a she-cock and my mouth is always ready.


  8. I'm with staci pennells thoughts:))