Monday, October 14, 2013


"I know where you want to put it, sweetie, but how many times do I have to tell you? A woman's pussy is for cock, a woman's toes are for sissies."

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  1. Mistress I'm so sorry you have my quest confused with that of a real man. I am your subbie! I only wish to worship you, especially in these beautiful, shiny, sheer nylons!

    May I please kiss, lick, smell and worship your feet and toes? If it pleases you, because that is all that matters, allow my tongue to serve you. I can begin at the tips of your toes and wash your feet and nylons. I’ll work my way up those perfectly shaped legs, to your nice round cheeks and there I will bury my lips and face into your sweet cavern, but only if you enjoy it.

    Finally, please oh please, ride my tongue, so that I may give you the orgasms you not only desire, but you deserve. A woman of your stature should never have to want for an orgasm, there are subbie little tongues out in the world, like mine, that would beg to give you pleasure. Mistress please use my tongue to give you all the thrills you desire, and I will do this for you without ever asking for you to even remove your pantyhose.

    I don’t have a right to see your perfect, young, naked, body. My place in life is to serve you right through your hose! Thank you for even allowing me to live in the same world as you, Mistress!