Wednesday, November 6, 2013


  1. Smile Dave as at least your Superior Wife/Mistress/ Girlfriend took the time to share with you the beauty for which you have within you. With any luck, you can find a new career here, that allows Y/you both pleasure. It's not cheap being a W/woman for sure, but so worthwhile to be O/ourselves in every aspect.

    Me being transexual n lover of all things sissy. N yes, have sissy within me in the aspect as every girl is a sissy at one time or another. W/we play with Barbie n then W/we spend the rest of O/our lives trying to be Barbie :)).

    Though I'm transexual I still love that all Women are Superior in my mind, as they are the One's, for whom need to be climbing the corporate ladders. They are the True leaders. It's just how it is n learn to except it Dave. And if you can't, then eventually you will.

    Please don't forget to thank Her, as the dress is quite stunning n be gentle on your knees, as I'm thinking your going to learn to love it down there:)$$$

  2. I absolutely love that dress! It is gorgeous. And the hair? Beautiful! <3