Monday, November 11, 2013

From Transamm, this is EXACTLY how I spent my Sunday, too.

I was up before Emily, dressed and showered, too. I slept in the guest room on Saturday night, the Maid's Quarters as we've taken to calling it; I usually sleep there the night before I'm "on duty" as Emily thinks it puts me in the proper frame of mind. "Plus," she's said, "a maid should be up well before her mistress" and it would be inexcusable for a maid to waken her mistress while dressing.

I was up at seven, showered and properly dressed by eight. Black satin French Maid's uniform, stockings, heels, etc., everything a proper sissy maid would wear. Which includes a chastity cage, too, as it has for months now.

I spent the first hour dusting and preparing breakfast, served Emily in bed promptly at nine. She was so appreciative, of course, but what woman wouldn't appreciate being waited on hand and foot.

The day was spent doing laundry, changing sheets, vacuuming, planning meals for the week. Well, my day. Emily's day was spent working out, reading the paper, watching Sunday Morning, and having a late lunch with some girlfriends.

Life is good when a woman has a sissy at home to take care of the house.

We had a simple dinner together, after, Emily watched some television while I performed more intimate duties for her, fantasized about release I knew would not come that day.

We slept together last night, both content, so utterly content. 

Source | Transamm


  1. I love everything about this post. Thank you.

  2. What a wonderful day you had Sarah, thanks for sharing.


  3. Nice photo. I also had a interesting Sunday. My wife and I discussed putting me in a cock cage. I'm not sure if she was serious, so I how do I keep this conversation going. By the way she is into biting my cock. After Sunday's session I still have teeth marks!

    Alice, the cock sucking sissy