Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How a woman makes sure her husband behaves when she's out on a date:


  1. Not bad.
    But what about strapping him in a chair in front of a mirror and let him/her look at herself all night?

  2. Sara,

    Even his/her feet are locked away! His Mistress wants to make SURE no one can make him misbehave!


  3. As it like so should be. Besides it keeps us sissys learning n flowering within ourselves. Learning can n is so much fun. I've derived so much happiness in doing so.

    I even use to question why I was or am so happy, but after awhile, one pushes thru it all like a sponge n forgets why there trying to run. So forgetting about it, tells ourselves, it must not of been very important, as we can't remember why we ever tried to run from it. Lol

    As well as have tried to get my friends, for whom have questioned me as to why I'm so drawn to Hypnos n sissys. Other mtf transexuals like myself. I thought geez if you just watch the Hypnos a few times, what harm can that bring n then maybe they wood take the time to understand my thoughts more easily:))