Monday, November 18, 2013



  1. Sara,

    If the bulge in these panties say anything to ME it's....................................."Breakfast is served!"

    I have to say, I truly enjoy being with a special lady more in the morning than later in the day. You see I know my orgasms are much more intense earlier in the day. I've had a full night's sleep; my body is well rested; I'm full of energy; and my balls are LOADED. I know I cum like a firehose in the morning, I've had times when I jerked off where my load shot clear to my chin.

    I'm guessing it's the same way with the special ladies too? I don't have a lot of data to go on but I know the few times I've been with a lady early in the day, her cum hits the back of my throat like a volcano erupting. It's so much more humilating to have cum splattering all over the back of your mouth and barely being able to contain it all. Don't you agree?

    It's also fun (and humilating) when it dribbles out and the lady pushes it back in with her finger or her cock. I could wake up to that everyday. I dream of waking up like that everyday. I have this fantasy of my lady coming into bed and pushing her cock in my mouth and telling me she really, really, NEEDS me to suck her off!

    So what do all of you think? Do you like morning sex?


    PS: Sara I just finished reading "Her New Husband" It was amazing! I loved the ending, it really is terrific! I plan on going on line and writing a review today so hoepfully more readers will purchase it. You are the best writer of erotica, I've ever readand considering I've been reading it for over 25 years that is saying something. Please keep writing!