Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So Emily and her mother went shopping on Monday evening-yes I was a little jealous I didn't get to go, but it was mother-daughter time. Emily wanted to get a couple of skirts at a sale they were having at The Limited, ended up with a couple of really cute skirts for work which she tried on for me when she got home. 

But it's not the skirts I wanted to blog about, it was the dresses, something I didn't expect, didn't know about, until she walked out of the bedroom wearing this:

"Whoa," I said when she came into the living room, "that's not work appropriate."

She chuckled. "Yea, it's not for work."

"I guess every girl can use another black dress," I said, "but it's a bit formal."

"I know, I'm looking for a holiday dress, here, let me show you a red one."


"Red's daring, I have something like it in black, too."

"Sexier," I nodded. 

She smiled again. "Think so? Apparently there's this work dinner, I wanted something sexy, but not too much."

"'s flattering," I looked her up and down. "Really flattering." 

"Let me show you another one," she started for the bedroom.

I picked up my phone, opened the calendar app. "When's this party," I asked, "it's not on the calendar." (We have a shared social calendar.) She came back wearing the last one:

"I like the lace." I looked down at my calendar again.

"Yea, it's not on the calendar, I don't know that it's really a spouse kind of thing, even if it was, you'd be bored, trust me. So I thought I'd...I mean, I thought I'd just go with Jeff."

Jeff, her little crush from work. A formal dinner party. And a sexy dress. Of course, of course.

"I mean, unless you'd rather I don't," she teased, "though something tells me you won't mind, will you?"

"Do you really want"

She smiled. "Maybe...maybe."


  1. Can't wait to hear how the party goes!

  2. did she go yet? please update us!

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