Monday, November 4, 2013

So Yummy!

From the perfectly named Trans Desire

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  1. Sara,

    OMG! I couldn't agree more with your title. I'm not even sure if "Yummy" does this photo justice? Look at those long, long, lean legs; that perfect, tight, little ass; that big, juice filled, ball sack; and then to top if all off LOOK AT THAT COCK!!!

    It's to die for! Look at the size and shape of that cut head, I know it would feel great in my mouth. I'm guessing that if it's this big when it's soft, it will be enormous when it's hard. All I can think about is how much I want it squirting on my face in my hands, on my tongue, and in my mouth. I know the cum exploding from that beautiful cock, has got to taste as sweet as honey!

    Sara, you just made this subbie's day with this photo. If we ever meet I may have to suck you off just to say thanks for sharing this photo?